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Messages from The Minister

Business Promotion Council (BPC) is the apex organisation that coordinates the activities of a number of product-specific sector promotion councils. These councils are formed with a mandate for export diversification. BPC is spearheaded by Ministry of Commerce on a public-private partnership basis, as all the sector-based promotion councils are incorporated under the Joint Stock Companies as individual public limited companies. These are represented by relevant government organizations and private sector trade and industry associations having immediate stakes in the relevant sectors.

Currently there are six product based councils being operated under BPC; namely, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Leather Sector, Light Engineering Products, Fisheries Products, Medicinal Plants and Herbal Products, and Agro Products. These sector councils are created in order to assist the country's underperforming sectors with high export potentials. This is done by addressing various supply-side constraints with which those sectors were troubled with. BPC and its six sector councils try to do this through building capacity of these sectors, organizing training and awareness programs, and providing assistance in organizing local and international fairs. Introducing new sector councils in the future for other potential export products is also under active consideration of the Ministry of Commerce. I believe BPC will be able to create a solid base for export product diversification, and thereby contribute in boosting the export of the country.