Leather Sector Business Promotion Council (LSBPC)
Leather and Leather Products contribute more than taka 3200 crore equivalent foreign currency annually to the Bangladesh Economy. It is a 100% agro-based export oriented industry. There are 206 tanneries with an annual installed capacity of processing of about 400 million square feet wet blue, 300 million square feet crust leather and 140.39 million square feet finished leather. Bangladesh exports about 200 million square feet of hides and skins in the form of leather and leather products, the bulk of which is crust leather. The value addition in producing finished leather is about 50% higher than that of crust leather, and the same is about 225% higher in the case of leather products. The present employment in the tannery including of Bangladesh is about 15,000 (including managerial and production staff), in footwear sub-sector 51,400 (15,000 in mechanized sub-sector and 36,400 in small and cottage level non-mechanized sub-sector) and in leathergoods sub-sector 10,200 (1200 in mechanized units and 9,000 in non-mechanized units).
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