Fishery Products Business Promotion Councils(FPBPC)
The Government of Bangladesh in its Export policy 2003-2006 recognized formation of sector/ production-based business promotion Councils (hereinafter mentioned as 'Council') for export promotion and diversification through addressing problems related to capacities of the industry in particulars. The need for forming a Council for Fishery Products /sector has been felt by the industry and the others stakeholders. This has received additional priority sector in the Export policy 2003-2006. Thus the imitative spearheaded by the ministry of Commerce (MOC) took particular shape with the formation of a committee headed by it's the than joint secretary (export) to draft memorandum of Association (MOU) and Article of Association (AOA), and a work plan for immediate implementation. The Committee members included representatives from leading industry associations, related Ministry, and Export Promotion Bureau etc.
Report & Publicaton