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Message from The Chairperson of The Council

Business Promotion Council (BPC) has come a long way since the inception of ICT Business Promotion Council (IBPC) in 2003. Five more product/sector specific councils have been established since then. All these councils operate on the basis of public private partnership, receiving contributions mainly from both the government but also from the private sector through subscriptions made by the trade and business associations associated with the councils. A new sector council in the area of Plastic Products is also being established.

BPC and its sector councils function effectively with an aim to connect Bangladesh with the global market and to diversify the country's export basket through export development initiatives and effective partnerships so as to bridge the gaps at supply ends. Through the activities of these councils, global competitiveness for the underperforming sectors with high export potential is attained in addition to creating an enabling business environment and a condition for sustainability through enhancing productivity, quality, costing/pricing, and ensuring compliance and best practices, etc.

BPC's overall objective is to ensure better coordination and seamless operations of all six sector based councils through providing an administrative umbrella. BPC believes that identification of needs of these sectors at supply ends and provision of appropriate, however small, treatment will cause a multiplier effect for the national export promotion, and will, in turn, create immense scope for economic development for the country through creation of employment and generation of income.